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"I was sooo lucky to find Deirdre when I moved back to Pittsburgh five years ago.  Although I had been doing Pilates for ten years before I met her, I knew her method of teaching and focus on anatomy was going to “up my game.” Since I’ve been training with her, I’m stronger, my balance and posture have significantly improved, and I feel more confident in how I move and how I feel about myself.  Deirdre challenges me, but also respects and understands what my body is capable of doing on any given day.  Whether you’re a dancer, need someone who can work with your PT, or are just an ordinary, older gal like me who wants to stay fit and healthy as she ages, I’d highly recommend Pilates with Deirdre.  She’s the best."

I've been moving with Deirdre for several years now.  I appreciate her knowledge of Pilates and her ability to make classes meaningful, challenging, and fun.  She is able to help all of her clients make any needed or necessary accommodations in order to be able to move safely and to the best of their abilities.  Personally, I know that I have been able to do more than I thought I could through both her coaching as well as her belief in my ability.  I am sometimes amazed at the things I am able to do; and Deirdre's instruction and support has helped to make that possible.

Jeanne H.

Pat D.

We have been doing Pilates together for almost a decade.  In that time, we have had several different instructors.  Deirdre is a wonderful teacher.  She pays attention to both of us, is clear and careful about technique, has a lovely sense of humor and makes Pilates both challenging and fun.

I've been practicing pilates with Deirdre for four years, and I can honestly say that working with her has changed my life. I've significantly improved my flexibility, strength, stamina and posture as Deirdre has guided me with her extraordinary knowledge, encouragement, patience and enthusiasm. She has an amazing gift and is so willing to share it!

Chris M. & Deb R.

Didi L.

I came to Pilates and Deirdre after an on-again, off-again yoga practice completely derailed due to lower back issues exasperated by my first pregnancy. Pilates allowed me to strengthen supportive muscles no other form of exercise seemed to be able to reach. Deirdre’s teaching approach made me feel comfortable and confident that my body could be “okay” again. In fact, I felt so strong that I continued practicing with her throughout my entire second pregnancy (even on my due date!) and since. She enthusiastically offered pre- and post-natal classes that challenged and supported my body throughout those changes. Always approachable and extremely knowledgeable, I know that when I go to a session with Deirdre I will be challenged, learn something new, and have fun. 

J. M.  

Your class is inclusive.  You have an engaging personality and are an enthusiastic Pilates/movement advocate. You want everyone in your classes to be successful.  -P.S.

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